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Irina Cholak

    Meet Irina, our Yogui Friend!

    We are so grateful to have a person like Irina as part of the Lemon & Mint tribe. 

    She breathes yoga, meditation, inner peace, India, and a great desire to share with each person who allows themselves to meet her.

    Feel Irina's energy

    Irina has an impressive journey and every time we share time together, she fills us with energy and gratitude. That’s why we want you to meet her, because if you have the opportunity to enjoy a yoga practice with her, you will take all her teachings in your heart forever.

    We Love Our Tribe

    Irina is part of the Lemon and Mint family and therefore part of the tribe. We invite you to meet her, we leave you her social networks so you can know more about her and why we are so happy that she is part of this adventure. Thank you life for Irina yogui friend!

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