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Welcome to a space where you will find Wellness Retreats to connect your Body, Mind, and Soul

We are Lemon and Mint Wellness Retreats, and we will put all our freshness and love into making you live an unforgettable disconnection experience

About Lemon and Mint Retreats


Why do we want to organize wellness retreats?

Lemon and Mint were born from a journey of self-discovery, where nature, yoga, meditation, and meeting wonderful people have made us find ourselves.

Therefore, we want to bring people into a space where they can have more than an experience because we want that every person can have the opportunity to stop and breathe in our wellness retreats, disconnect to reconnect.

Lemon and Mint Testimonials


We have prepared with so much love the first wellness retreat of Lemon and Mint and it was a success, its name was Peace, Quiet, and Restore Retreat because we wanted everyone to allow themselves to feel those three words and to be able to disconnect to connect with themselves.

We did it in our beautiful Kinsale, in the magical Ballinacura House and the experience was magical. Read the opinions of those who accompanied us! 

Peace, Quiet & Restore Retreat,12th May 2023


Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy-based healing method that channels universal energy through the practitioner to the recipient for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The healer serves as a conduit, allowing the energy to flow freely to where it is needed.

Yin and Vinyasa Yoga

Yin yoga is a form of yoga that emphasizes stillness and tranquility. On the other hand, Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that emphasizes movement and flow. 

Excursions in Sri Lanka

This program will take place in Tangalle, Hambantota in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. We seek to connect with the beauty of nature in this magical country.

Lemon and Mint Tribe!

We are not alone in this adventure, because at Lemon & mint, we are a family that breathes, yoga, creativity, art, disconnection, and much more.

Join us for a magical experience!

Upcoming Retreats 2024

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